What's Inside The Dearly Box: November

Posted on November 06, 2015 by Lauren Pedersen | 0 comments

Now that the first batch of Dearly Boxes have been shipped, we're so excited to share with you what was inside! We had a few different versions of the box, depending on how someone classified their style and what type of jewelry they wear most often. The box that I'm sharing today was just one of the versions of the boxes that went out! 

With each box, we'll have a couple of items that every person receives. For November, everyone received a delicate leaf necklace and a pair of the faceted glass stone earrings. The leaf necklace came in gold, silver, and rose gold and is the perfect necklace for layering! The glass stone earrings came in silver or gold and in a variety of colors, like black, emerald, champagne, charcoal grey, and mint. Each box also included a pair of elastic hair ties, those coming in different combinations, too! 

From there, the fun begins! For those that indicated that they wear necklaces most often, we included a long pendant necklace. The bracelet wearers got this cute knot cuff, and those that favored earrings got a new pair of studs for everyday wear!  

Another great perk of The Dearly Box is the amazing deal you're getting! As you can see below, an average Dearly Box is worth over $50! That means you're saving more than $20 on a box filled with beautiful accessories. Seriously, why haven't you ordered next month's yet?


What I love about this box is that it's a perfect gift, for yourself or someone you hold dear ;) 

Our minds are already on the December box, so make sure that you order yours today!

Oh! And you can now subscribe to The Dearly Box! Sign up for a month-to-month, 3 month, or 6 month subscription to be part of the fun here! 

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